SOL Kings

SOL Kings

A collection of 2222 Kings will descend from the four corners of the empire (Northern, Southern, eastern and western kingdoms) to form the SOL Kings army.
  • A collection of 2222 kings, to represent the 4 corners of the great empire. > Northern Kings. They will be themed as the Viking/Scottish/Irish Kings. > Southern Kings. They will be themed as the African Kings. > Eastern Kings. They will be themed as the Asian Kings. > Western Kings. They will be themed as the English Kings. > Great 1/1s Kings. They will be themed as the element of Ice, Fire, Earth, and Wind Kings.
  • Each Kingdom's Kings will be generated separately and they will all merge into a united Sol Kings Collection in one mint.
SOL Kings Holder's Benefits:
  • 30% royalties Airdrops in SOL Weekly.
  • Rewards in SOLK through staking.
  • Free NFTs through breeding.
  • Membership and voting rights in SOL Kings DAO.
  • Profits generated by the Kingdom's Business will be added to the DAO's wallet and as a member of the DAO, you get the right to vote on the use of the revenue such as Web3 investments, NFTs and Stores scale investments.
  • Sol Kings will be the DAO's main collection. So more and more benefits will be granted to their holders along the way.
  • SOL Kings are the first piece of the Royal Family Collection, so they are really essential to build your SOL Kingdom, which will come with tons of great rewards.
  • You can't Breed, go to War, Host a SOL Queen or MERGE without a SOL Kings. They hold most of the Keys to the Castle.
Earnings & Tokenomics:-
  • 30% of the mint revenue will be added to the treasury wallet to support the kingdom's native ecosystem, staking rewards and future DAO investments.
  • 30% of royalties will be airdropped weekly to holders, and their will be a surprise airdrop after 48 hours from mint.
  • A TBD% of Profits generated by SOL Prints and SOL Store will be added to the DAO wallet.
  • Staking rewards in SOLK.