SOL Kings

Meet the Kings

In here you will find an introduction to the major team members.

The Kingdom is built and protected by a very strong and dedicated Team with ambitious visions. The Team consists of 2 Kings and 2 Princes and large army of Knights and mercenaries.

Here are a few words from the Kings and the Princes to tell you about themselves:-
King Of SAM Founder
Hello Kings, I am from the U.S. currently living in Belize.
I've Been in crypto for a couple of years, started playing Axie Infinity and was introduced to Solana NFTs by a friend and have been fulltime 18hrs a day since the first jpeg I bought.
I'm a Collector, I own well over 1000 nfts, so I'm extremely familiar with that space.
We started our our DAO little down with around 50 ppl or so, just a group of like minded friends that wanted to share knowledge and have been making alpha calls for a year.
I Would consider myself an Alpha Caller, Degen, Diamond-handed degenerate of all things Solana.
Rampage Co-Founder
I'm a 36 yo Crypto and NFT Technology enthusiast Living in the beautiful country of Greece. I got into crypto around 2 years ago and into Solana NFTs around 1.5 years ago, and I was fascinated by Blockchain technology and Solana innovation.
So I decided to learn as much as I can about Building on Solana and provide as much value as I can to the space by combining what I accumulated from my RL experiences and what I learned and still learning from Solana tech.
IRL I had the privilege to work with some of the biggest companies in the World, and I still hold a manager's position in the BA department of the biggest media company in the World. I have learned a lot and added a lot, and the time has come to give it all to Solana.
On the Other hand, I have Built and ran multiple E-Commerce and sourcing businesses in and out throughout the last 7 years.
I also accumulated a lot of skills and build a good network in the E-Commerce world's supply chain, Which I intend to utilize as much as possible for SOL Kings and for the Solana community in general.
I love building businesses and scale them, and i always challenge myself to build something bigger than what i think i can.
My ultimate goal with SOL Kings is to establish a strong project, packed up by a talented team, a loyal community, and great utility.
Hobbies: I'm a 100% car guy so I love racing, drifting and Vehicle customization
lDe Marco Admin / Assistant project manager
Hello gang, I am lDeMarco! I am from the Atlanta, GA-area and have lived here most of my life! I graduated from KSU with a Bachelor in Cybersecurity, and still trying to figure out where exactly I want to go in life.
I have been in this NFT space for about a year now; and was already involved in the Crypto space for 5 years prior to that.
When starting in this space, I lost a lot of Sol trying to learn more about NFT's and what brings value to them.
Once I learned what this space is about, and the communities that can grow from it, I fell in love.
There is always something to learn in this space!
Hobbies: A few of my hobbies consist of hiking, swimming, and investing.
JD Admin / Assistant project manager
Hello, I’m JD. I live and work in the real estate industry in Texas.
I began trading crypto in the spring of 2021 and went hard into NFTs in the fall of that year.
I poured countless hours into learning about different crypto projects and came to love Solana.
I enjoy researching the crypto space and connecting the dots between people and projects.
After bouncing around the space I found a home here at SOL Kings DAO.
Hobbies: What I enjoy most in my life is spending time with my family. Playing and coaching baseball/softball with my kids and traveling to new places. I love small towns and country life.