SOL Kings

The Merge Season

In this Season, All the Royal Family holders will get have their chance to complete the Royal Family.
Merge your complete Royal Family collection into 1 Kingdom NFT that comes with huge rewards.
  • At this stage, the huge rewards are hidden.
  • To be eligible for merge you must own a complete Royal Family collection inside the upgraded SOL Castle. > SOL King > SOL Castle > SOL Queen > SOL Prince/Princess > Castle Chambers (From the Kings Market) > TBD amount of $SOLK.
  • You can choose to merge all the above assets into one "Kingdom NFT".
  • The Kingdom's NFT will offer you much greater rewards and will grant you a higher role in the SOL Kings DAO.
  • By owning a Kingdom, you will be a partner, not just an investors, which means that you will be earning a % of the overall project revenue on a specified basis besides the higher staking rewards.
  • You will also be a member of the Kings DAO with an effective vote on the Kingdom's decisions.
The Kings will release a whole different rewards structure for the Kingdoms' owners later on.