SOL Kings

NFT Utility

The Kingdom offers 2 types of Utilities: NFT Utility and Kingdom's Business. NFT utility is all the NFT mechanism that allows the Kingdom's to generate revenue and protect it's currency in the NFT world, while allowing the citizens to have fun while doing so.
You can find more details about each NFT related Utility if you read the below:- NFT Utility - Airdrops. [Information about the $SOL / $SOLK Airdrops to holders]
- Staking & Rewards. [Information about the Seasons and Quests and their earnings]
- The Kings Market. [Information about the Kingdom's marketplace and $SOLK]
- Breeding Season. [Information about the FREE NFT Breeding mechanism]
- What's Next:- [Information about all the Future plans for the kingdom (More on them will be released later on)]