SOL Kings

The Tale of the Four Kingdoms

The Story and Charactarisics of each Kingdom in The SolKings Empire.

The Eastern Kingdom:

The Kings of the Eastern Kingdom are respected and revered by their people. The East is a flourishing kingdom made of a large body surrounded by numerous small islands. It is the world's fishing capital and the number one trader amongst all the kingdoms. Aside from the abundance of fish, the people of the eastern kingdom are master craftsmen and tailors. The finest cloth can be found all around the eastern kingdom, which is also home to some of the world's finest jewels. A mild climate year-round allows the Eastern Kingdom to be a large producer of many exotic fruits and vegetables. The Eastern Kingdom has the largest fleet of ships anywhere in the world, tenfold of any other kingdom. The only merchants allowed into the Northern Kingdom are from the East. Therefore the East acts as a middle man between the other Kingdoms, as each kingdom has unique items that cannot be found anywhere. When wars are waged on the Kings of the East, most ships coming do not even make it to the outer islands. Protected by the Wind God King, the ships from the east are extremely fast. Although not as powerfully built as some of the other kingdoms, the sheer numbers of their armada are a force to be reckoned with, along with having the ancient fighting skills passed down from generations old. Most conflict in the Eastern Kingdom comes from pirates. The Pirate King is one of the world's most feared kings as he will attack without provocation anyone from any kingdom with no remorse and has also gained some of the Wind Gods' power within his ship. However, he has never faced defeat on the sea, and most flee at the very sight of his ship. Although the pirates will pillage fishing vessels or even a military fleet, the merchant ships designated to trade with the other kingdoms have always had safe passage due to the Elemental Gods' threat. As with the other Kingdoms, the Eastern Kingdoms hold tournaments of all sorts to keep their skills in combat sharp, from archery, bomb-making, swordsmanship, weapons, and armory blacksmithing, along with races on the water to find the fastest ships. Such contests reward the winners who receive numerous rewards from the Kings, and the Kings are awarded for those who have built the most refined ship, or the finest armors are always needed to plan for the wars ahead.

The Southern Kingdom:

The Southern Kingdom is full of splendor, with two great rivers dividing the kingdom, also known as The Three Sisters, given the shape of the lands. The Kings of the South are fair and accurate, loyal to their subjects, warriors, hunters, farmers, and miners. Filled with mystery, no one knows the true secrets of the Southern Kingdom. The Southern Kingdom is known around the world for the advanced technology they possess. Masters of fighting with any style of weapons, the warriors, and hunters from the land prefer to use spears against their foes. Pure strength and advancements in their weapons allow the Southerners to attack even long-range archers, killing them from as far away as the archer's arrows can fly with a single spear. Trained to fight from the time they can stand, the warriors of the South are an adversary most should not fool with. The Southern Kingdom hosted the most powerful land army in the world, with a third of the population chosen to practice the ways of the warriors. The true power of the Kingdom comes from the vast mineral deposits scattered across the lands that allow them to develop their superior weaponry. Outsiders from the kingdom are unaware of these minerals. The warriors are also masters of all the land animals, allowing them to ride into battle on mighty rhinoceros, elephants, horses, and lions. True masters of the land, the Southern Kingdom is protected by the Earth God King, who is worshipped and beloved by all the people of the land. The Earth God King provides sustainability to the entire land, which lies within the hottest part of the world, yet, the Earth flourishes with fruits, vegetables, and wildlife of all sorts, with canopies of trees for protection from the hot sun, the Earth God Kings Castle is the furthest to the south, which is also the most desirable, yet, is surrounded by a rain forest and extends for hundreds of miles into the kingdom. The Southern Kingdom trades with the Eastern and Western Kingdoms, typically trading diamonds, lumber and food. The Kings of the South will sometimes gift Kings from the other kingdoms with armor or weapons, but only those they truly trust and have shown the utmost respect for the Southern Kings and only in person. The contest between the different kings in the south are some of the most brutal; any dispute between Kings are permanently settled during these contest; if it is a land issue, the contest is to the death for the warriors competing. The rarest minerals and largest suppliers of diamonds and other resources are always celebrated during these times. One of the most anticipated events, the yearly championship between all the Kings who select their mightiest warriors, is the Spear Throw, the winner of which receives a castle and land of their own to raise warriors for the Great War that the Earth God King has prophesized. “Prepare for Battle” is often heard across the ground and has become a motto for many in the Southern Kingdom.

The Western Kingdom:

The Western Kingdom is the richest of all the kingdoms, with most of the copper, silver, and gold ore deposits. The Kings of these lands are more feared than loved. Everyone seems to have a place in these lands. All peasants are forced into military service, while a select few enjoy the spoils of the labor of those in military service while trained for years in combat arts. The Western kingdom's military must also do most of the mining and lumbering, leading to profitable trades with the Eastern and Southern Kingdoms. The gold/silver/copper/ and lumber trades bring significant wealth to the Kingdom. The military in the Western Kingdom is formidable. This is mainly due to the Blacksmiths and Armorers, which can meld any mineral into weapons and armor due to the Fire God King. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, swords, horseback riding, and archery, their military presence is enormous. The Kingdom, as poor as it treats its people in general, ensures that every soldier has the best available armor and weapons that their money can afford. The Kings of the West have also been known to pay Kings of the North to supply fierce warriors when needing to fend off an invader or invade when required. Also rumored to have spent the Pirate King to help in conflicts. The Fire God King, who looks over the Western Kingdom, is feared by most Kingdoms and is the only elemental king to venture into another kingdom. The Fire God King will also show himself in battle if the battle seems dire, giving the Western Kingdom a true advantage over most adversaries. He is the only God to have ventured into the North. After many Western Kings were slain in a raid by the Northmen, the Fire God King headed straight to the Ice King Gods palace; with massive human casualties throughout the 33-day flight, which essentially ended in a draw, the Fire God King felt he had killed enough people to return to his Castle, which sits at the base of an enormous volcano in the southern part of the Western Kingdom. The riches that are exploited from the lands and people of the Western Kingdom are used for commerce with the South and Eastern Kingdoms, giving the Western Kingdom a formidable presence on the sea, as they not only have built their ships but have purchased massive amounts of ships from the South and East, the only kingdom that has more ships is the Eastern Kingdom, which the west has yet to have an actual battle with. The contest between the Kings of the West is often extremely violent, with Gladiator-style fights that are often unfair for whichever King does not have or is unwilling to honestly spend the money to protect their warriors in these battles. Although the Battles aren’t supposed to end in death but defeat, they almost always end in the deaths of many warriors during each contest. An exception on death is made during The King of Kings competition held annually and pays its biggest tribute to the warrior that has killed the most men in the Arena over seven days, or the last man standing. The West knows war is coming yet isn’t sure if they will be the ones to start or end it.

The Northern Kingdom:

The Northern Kingdom is the most unhospitable place of all kingdoms.
Ice covers everything. Castles are built above ground, but the majority of the Kings allow the citizens to live in the cavernous depths below the castle making the communities under these kings extremely loyal.
True engineers of how to build tunnels and traverse almost impossible lands make them the strongest and most hardened people on the planet. They can walk the plains and work above ground and most citizens do exactly that, not taking shelter below with Ice in their veins they push forward, forging the path for their brethren.
The Northern Kingdom has one way in and one way out by ship, otherwise it is miles and miles to walk across the frozen tundra just to reach the cliffs, which are over 1000ft tall on all sides of the entire kingdom, the Northerners keep a one way path, which they allow traders from the Eastern Kingdom to enter.
Anyone other than these traders have been killed and haven’t struck a blow to the North. The Kings that defend the Bluffs have devised way to get to the ground in seconds and back up again, while allowing no one else the opportunity.
The Northern Kingdom is also the only place to find what they call Dragon Scale, which is one of the only tradable items that they have, outside of extremely hardened lumber, which is also in high demand, their ships are the most formidable of any kingdom laced with both.
Fierce warriors in every imaginable way. Contests between the Northern folk is stuff of Legend, they throw trees, they combat, they find diggers who can forge through the hardened rock and ice to get a tunnel to the outside walls.
By comparison with any other Kingdom it is shear brutality, the fights can last for days between two Northmen and the only solution is for one to stop breathing, any fight between Northmen ends in someone’s death, and they welcome the death as a warrior race.
The Ice God King is a very supportive God to his people, he will enter combat just as the Fire God King will, Although they did meet in a 33 day battle the Ice God King was glad that he didn’t lose more and is sworn to revenge for his people whom he did lose as the massive battle was fought across many lands and killed many of his people.
The Great War is near!!!!