SOL Kings

The Royal Family

  • The Royal family Collection will be divided to 4 separate collections. Three of them represent the royal family members (Kings, Queens Prince/princess. And one of them represent the Castle that they need to Rule and build their Kingdom.
  • The ultimate goal is to collect and gather the whole royal family members to complete your collection.
  • Once you collect (Kings, Queens, Princes/princess and a castle) you will get the chance to merge them into one unique "Full Kingdom" NFT.
  • You will find more information about each collection and understand the relationship between them when you read the below:-
*The Royal Family: - SOL Kings. [Information about The SOL-KingsCollection]
- SOL Castles. [Information about The SOL-CastlesCollection]
- SOL Queens. [Information about The SOL-QueensCollection] - SOL Prince/Princess. [Information about The SOL-Prince/PrincessCollection]