SOL Kings

The Kings Market

This is where you can trade the Kingdom's add-on assets to upgrade your castle and build your kingdom and more.
Each King is trying to build a complete Kingdom. So they need a place to trade and buy the necessary assets to build a perfect Kingdom for their Royal Family. The Great Castle will build them the Kings Market to find all what they need on it to build their Kingdoms they way they want.
  • Following on Staking & Rewards, the Kings Market will be the main tool to help the Kings in upgrading their Castles to be able to complete the quests and harvest the seasons' earnings and complete the Royal Family collection.
  • In the Kings Market, you will be able to purchase the SOL Castle Chambers to be able to send your King to War in the War season, host a SOL Queen, Breed the Golden Prince/Princess and much more Castle's add-ons that will bring you great earnings.
  • You will be able to trade the Royal Family NFTs on the Kings market as well for SOLK.
  • All the transactions on the Kings Market will be only in SOLK.
Here are some examples of the Castle's Chambers that will be released on the Kings Market after the SOL Castles' mint:-
  • The War chamber: Will be used to send the King to war. The King will be locked in it for a specific period of time to raid neighboring kingdoms. (the King will earn more rewards when Locked-staked in this room).
  • The King’s chamber: Will be a must to have in the castle to be able to breed a Golden Prince/Princess.
  • The Throne Chamber: Will be used for a purpose that is not yet decided by the castle. The Kings will inform the Castle about the Mystery of the throne at the right time.
  • The Portal chamber: It will be necessary to send the king on his trips to the future. (The King comes back with rewards from the future Kingdom).
  • The Kingdom will burn 50% of the SOLK used to purchase the Castles' chambers after every release for a season/Quest.