SOL Kings

Staking & Rewards

All the Kingdom's assets can be staked to earn SOLK rewards.
The Kingdom's staking will be a fun and interesting way to earn rewards by holding the kingdom's assets, while you are on your way to complete the Royal Family collection.
  • The SOL Castles will be the gate to staking, which means that you must hold a SOL Castle to be able to stake your SOL Kings and all the royal family.
  • The Staking platform will be available at the SOL Castles mints.
  • once you acquire you Castle, you will be able to stake your SOL Kings in your Castle to start earning the SOLK Rewards.
  • The Staking platform will feature different quests and levels of earning, which will be taking place inside the SOL Castle. After the SOL Castles' mint, you will be able to add your SOL Castle to your Kingdom on the staking platform, which will allow you to use it as your staking house, where you can stake your royal family.

You can find some of the Kingdom's quests and seasons below:-

  • SOL Kings Era: - The Kings will be the first member of the Royal Family that can enter the Castle and start earning SOLK. - After adding the SOL Castle to your Kingdom, you can stake your SOL King in it, and wait for the upcoming seasons and quests to increase your earnings.
  • The War season: - After launching the Kings Market, we will list the Castle's Chambers, which will be available for purchase using the SOLK you earned from Staking your SOL Kings. - The First chamber to release will be the WAR Chamber, which is essential to complete the war season. - Once you purchase the War Chamber and add it to your Kingdom, you will be able to send your SOL King to WAR and await his return with more earning, and rewards.
  • Upgraded SOL Castle Quests: - More Chambers will be listed on the Kings Market exclusively sold for SOLK to holders. Those Chambers will allow you to upgrade your Castle to be able to participate in the upcoming Quests. - Each Chambers release will be followed by a related quest. - The only way for a SOL King to complete the Quest is by holding the Castle and the related Chambers . - Each Quest will be unique and will bring a lot of rewards in SOLK / NFTs. - After completing the quest, the chambers can be sold on the Kings market for SOLK, or can be kept in the castle to raise it's value and passive earnings.
  • Hosting a SOL Queen: - By holding a SOL Castle in your Kingdom, you will be able to host a SOL Queen in it and earn more rewards in SOLK. - By Holding a SOL King and a SOL Queen in your castle, you will be invited to the Breeding season and complete the royal family. - There will be Castle chambers released only for the SOL Queen's quests, which will offer more rewards and earnings after completing the quests.
  • The Royal family Quests: - After the Breeding season, you will be at the complete Royal Family stage (Holding a SOL Kings, Castle, Queen and Prince/Princess). The Kingdom will release exclusive quests with huge rewards in SOL, SOLK and Blue-chips NFTs, only to the Royal Family holders. - Once you achieve the Royal Family stage, you will be eligible for the merge stage, Which will be a game changer for your earnings.
  • The Merge Season [The Kingdom]: - To be eligible for The Merge, you must hold a full Royal Family and an unspecified amount of SOLK. (Holding a SOL Kings, Castle, Queen, Prince/princess and SOLK). - You will be able to merge all your asset, into 1 Asset [The Kingdom] that will hold significant value and earn greater rewards. - By owning a Kingdom, you will be a partner, not just investors, Which means that you will be earning a % of the overall project revenue on a specified basis besides the higher staking rewards. - You will also be a member of the Kings DAO with an effective vote on the Kingdom's decisions. - The Kings will release a whole different revenue structure for the Kingdoms' owners later on.