SOL Kings

What's Next!

The Plans for the Kingdom will never stop and SOL Kings will never be finished. It's a journey of building for a better future for SOLANA/Crypto that will last forever.
We have a lot of plans for the future that are already laid out and saved until the time comes to implement it. And we will also gain new ideas along the way.
It's all about being ready for good opportunity as the most important factor in business had always been Timing the market.
So we will continue working on both angles (NFT Fun and Crypto-commerce), while we are getting ready to time the market with any new ideas that are required at a certain time

These are hints about some of our Future plans:-

NFT Collections:
  • The Story of the Kingdom, will never come to an end. as it's a Tale of 4 Kingdoms that is filled with characters and stories. Soon you will hear about: - Demi-Gods - Dragons - Knights - Wizards
  • No one knows about them yet, so all the citizens need to keep an open eye on the Kingdom’s updates and stay tuned for what's coming.
NFT Utility:
  • Auction house [Where you will be able to auction your NFTs for $SOLK, and the Kingdom will offer 1/1s for auction as well]
  • Raffle house [Where the Kingdom will offer NFTs, WL and more raffles in $SOLK]
  • P2E [More Details soon]
Kingdom's business:
  • SOL Store/Prints Metaverse integration. [Take the SOL Stores to the metaverse by developing integration with multiple metaverses, to allow the ability of submitting orders from the metaverse using Solana payments]
  • B&M SOL Stores. [Take the SOL Stores to RL existence and open the first branch to buy physical tech goods using Solana Payments ]

The above are just hints about our future plans. The Complete details will be released after the SOL Kings mint. [In Roadmap 2.0]