SOL Kings

Kingdom's Business

Kingdom's Business is the second type of Utility that the Kingdom's offer to it's citizens. This is is all about the Kings' vision to implement all the knowledge and experience that they acquired in RL into the SOLANA ecosystem and revolutionize the utilities offered by NFT projects.
The Goal is to connect Web3 to RL world, by building a few platforms that can connect traditional RL E-commerce to Web3 technologies and Crypto payments.
We aim to try to put the best out of both worlds into action and expecting a good outcome. we will do so by utilizing a wide RL supply network and Solana technologies to offer you a smooth and efficient experience on both sides.
We are building 2 major online stores atm. Each one of them will include multiple services.
You can find more information in detail if you read the below:-
Kingdom's Business:- - Sol Prints. [Information about the SOLANA Global NFT Prints online store] - Sol Merch. [Information about the Merch online store -B2B-] - Sol Comics. [Information about the comics prints online store -B2B-] - Sol Store. [Information about the first physical products Online Store on Solana]