SOL Kings

Breeding Season

In this Season, All the Royal Family holders will get have their chance to complete the Royal Family.
You can find more information about this topic in SOL Prince/ Princess and The Kings Market.
  • The Great Kingdom announces the beginning of the breeding season.
  • At this stage, All holders must have the required Kingdom's assets to be allowed to breed a Golden Prince/Princess/Twins.
  • You must hold at least 1 of each item listed below in order to breed a Golden Prince/Princess/Twins per set > SOL King > SOL Castle > SOL Queen > Breeding Chamber (From the Kings Market) > TBD amount of $SOLK.
  • By Holding the Above assets, you will receive your Golden Prince/Princess/Twins without burning any of the assets.
  • The Golden Princes/Princesses will be tradable on Secondary marketplaces and on the Kings market as well for SOLK.
  • You will be able to Stake your Golden Prince/Princess/Twins in the Castle as well to complete the Royal Family. [and seek the Merge]