SOL Kings

SKD Cards collection

[Full access passes]
A Collection of 50 Exclusive Cards to form the Sol Kings DAO and start the Kingdom's journey.
SKD Genesis Cards Holder's benefits:-
> SKD genesis holders will be Automatically WL in all Sol Kings upcoming mints. > SKD genesis holders will get a 2x free mints from the Kings Collection and more free mints from every Royal Family collection launched per each SKD Genesis card held. > SKD genesis holders will get 10% of the secondary Royalties weekly, and 10% from all the Royal Family upcoming collections. > SKD genesis holders will receive a free SOLK Airdrop right after the token launch. > SKD genesis holders are a part of a 2->100x2 trading challenge. Once a challenge is complete, 80% of the challenge's revenue is to be distributed to the holders in SOL. (Challenge is paused until after the SOL Kings mint) > SKD genesis holders will get access to the DAO and have the right to vote on the DAO's future investments and scale decisions.
SKDC card holders are the first citizens to inhabit the Kingdom. Therefore, they will be rewarded with the above-mentioned benefits and much more (to be released soon).