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SOL Prints

SOL Prints is the first store to be launched from the Kingdom's business. It will offer RL customizable products to NFT holders, available to customization and purchase using the latest SOLANA payment technologies. Aiming towards a fast payment system and a secured ordering process.

It will offer multiple (B2C/B2B) Print On Demand related services such as: - NFT Prints to holders [B2C]. - Merch Lines to projects [B2P]. - Comics prints lines to projects [B2B].
In this slide you will find information about the SOL Prints [B2C] store.

*What is SOL-Prints and why is it different?

SOL-Prints is made for NFT HODLers and Lovers, to people how are proud of holding an NFT and want to show it off.

SOL-Prints will allow you to print your NFT on 60+ RL applications such as:

- Wall Art. - Apparel. - Sport Items. - Stickers. - House & Kitchen Items. - Pets products. - Vehicles-related Items and much more applications will be added over time.

The main aspects that differentiate SOL-Prints from any other POD store are:-

  • Solana Payment System: - The ability to pay for your purchase in seconds using your phantom wallet by scanning a QR code and accept the payment transaction. - At launch the store will accept payment $USDC at the DEMO stage. - After the main version release, Payment will be accepted in $SOL. - IN the future updates, other Crypto currency payments will be accepted as well, such as ETH...etc.
  • High Quality Products: - SOL Prints will offer only high quality product line. - We will be offering high quality brands only to give you the best experience with the actual products IRL. Products that last longer and look better.
  • Competitive & Reasonable Prices: - We aim towards offering you the most reasonable prices you can find for such high-quality products. - At SOL Prints, we are not going to add that huge profit margin that most of those E-commerce store does, because the goal here is to expose Solana to the world and connect the people in our ecosystem to RL applications. - So we will offer competitive prices that makes sense and makes the buyers happy by paying less and receive a high quality product that lives longer.
  • Super Fast shipping times: - Utilizing a huge network of suppliers located in multiple countries around the world, SOL Prints will offer competitive shipping times no matter where you're located around the world. - Most of the POD services offered on SOLANA are supplied from Asia, which causes very long shipping times that can get to up to a month to deliver a t-shirt. They do that to get as much profit as they can per order, as the POD products are cheaper in Asia. But by doing that they sacrifice the product quality, shipping time and buyer satisfaction. Because they want to make more money. - We are not doing that, we have suppliers located in (US, EU and Asia). Because it's not about just profit to us as much as it's about building a sustainable long term business for the SOLANA Kingdom and put more use to crypto in the world.
  • Protecting Your Web3 Identity : - As we all know, most of the Web3 users don't like to reveal their RL identity to the public on the web3 communications platforms. This is the beauty of Web3 right? :) - But when you place an order online, we all know that all this data (name, address, phone number......etc) are being recorded and saved in the orders database and can be accessed at anytime for any purpose. Which doesn't work in our decentralized world. - This is why, SOL Prints will have a database Purge mechanism: at SOL Prints we will not keep any of your information on our database for anytime beyond receiving your order. When you place an order, you will have to enter the shipping details to receive your order. But once you receive it and confirm that everything is ok, YOUR DATA WILL BE PURGED AND DELETED FROM ALL RECORDS.

*How does SOL Prints work?

SOL Store will functionality will develop through multiple stages to finally get to the easiest UI and Flow: - From launch to the final version, our goal is to reduce the required steps to complete an order and develop a smooth and seamless UI based platform. - SOL Prints will be constantly evolving from all aspects (Supply chain, RL process, UI and payment system). - you will find the order flow below: [DEMO]
  • Select Print Application: - Choose the product you'd like to print your NFT on from our large products line that will keep evolving and growing over time.
  • Select and Upload NFT: - View your NFTs and select the NFT you'd like to print on the selected application. - Upload your NFT image to the product you chose.
  • Customize Print Style: - Customize your print by choosing between multiple NFT prints styles. - Select colors or add a phrase and select the desired sizes and other options varies between products.
  • Checkout & Payment: - Add your shipping details. - You will be presented to a QR Code, which you need to scan it with Phantom wallet mobile application. - Approve the payment from your Phantom mobile app. - Place your order. - Once you confirm order arrival, your shipping information will be purged from the database.
Please check the below slides, if you are a project's founder and looking for the [B2B] stores information.
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