SOL Kings

Welcome to the Kingdom

Kingdom's Mission:-

SOL Kings is a community of SOL NFT OGs, which evolved into a DAO with an aim to contribute back to the ecosystem with all their accumulated experience IRL and in the Solana space.
The DAO has the vision to revolutionize the space by utilizing the latest technologies available on the blockchain and building useful integrations to open the Solana community to the outside world.


Please Navigate the Kingdom's index for faster access to your desired destination:- Click on the desired topic for quick access. > Kingdom's Info:- - The Tale of the Four Kingdoms. [Kingdom's Lore]
- Kingdom's ART / Artist. [Information about the Artisit and his portfolio]
- Meet the Kings. [Information about the Founders and the Team managers] > The Kingdom's Plan:- *The Royal Family: - SOL Kings. [Information about The SOL-KingsCollection]
- SOL Castles. [Information about The SOL-CastlesCollection]
- SOL Queens. [Information about The SOL-QueensCollection] - SOL Prince/Princess. [Information about The SOL-Prince/PrincessCollection]
*NFT Utility: - Airdrops. [Information about the $SOL / $SOLK Airdrops to holders]
- Staking & Rewards. [Information about the Seasons and Quests and their earnings]
- The Kings Market. [Information about the Kingdom's marketplace and $SOLK]
- Breeding Season. [Information about the FREE NFT Breeding mechanism]
*Kingdom's Business:- - Sol Prints. [Information about the SOLANA Global NFT Prints online store] - Sol Merch. [Information about the Merch online store -B2B-] - Sol Comics. [Information about the comics prints online store -B2B-] - Sol Store. [Information about the first physical products Online Store on Solana]
*SKD Cards Collection:- [Information about SKD Cards genesis collection (Holder's benefits)]
What's Next:- [Information about all the Future plans for the kingdom (More on them will be released later on)]